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Our Mission

To foster square dancing throughout the Washington-State Tri-Cities Area and have fun doing it.

Latest Events:

​​​​Richland Community Center, 500 Amon Park Drive in Richland, WA  [MAP]   CONTACT NUMBER: 509-308-8916

11 June 2016

CRS 24th Anniversary Dance

Kevin Thomaier and
Bill Holm cueing

Starts at 7 PM at
​Richland Community Center

Columbia River Squares

Spring 2016 Coming Events:


January 23    -  Adam Christman calling and Bill Holm cueing

February 13  -   Daron Tandberg and Bill Holm cueing

February 27  -  Tom Clymer calling and Bill Holm cueing

March 12       -   Bill Reid calling and Neva Reid cueing

March 26       -  Steve Noseck calling and Bill Holm cueing

April 9            -   Scott Coon calling and Bill Holm cueing

April 23          -   Vern Boggs calling and Kathy Boggs cueing

May 14           -   Rob Krum calling and Lorna Hayden cueing
June 11          -   Kevin Thomaier calling and Bill Holm cueing
                            (24th Anniversary Dance - OUR LAST CLUB DANCE)